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Telkom Indonesia


Telkom Indonesia is a state-owned enterprise telecommunications services company in Indonesia. They aim to change its brand image as a company with a fun culture and to be known with their new smart office also as an award-winning company. Telkom wants to refresh the company’s image through Social media as the main platform. As we want to create a new way of delivering company manifesto and portfolio, we emphasize on the tone of SOLID, SPEED, and SMART, encompassing their cultural values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment as an organization. With the purpose of reshaping the brand’s image, Telkom need to propagate their company culture; #SelaluAda #UntukIndonesia #TelkomTIMES #TelkomSmartOffice

Creative Director : Ernanda Putra

Creative Lead : Alexander Averil

Graphic Designer : Alexander Averil,

Karina Wijaya, Jessica Jeli, Rachel Yahya 

Photography : Alexander Averil, Karina Wijaya, 

Jessica Jeli, Rachel Yahya 

3D Artist  : Jessica Jeli

Project Lead : Emma Montez

Copywriter : Emma Montez

Client : Telkom Indonesia

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