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VICE is a social liberal magazine and web focused on culture, arts, and news topic. Founded in 1994 in Quebec, Canada. VICE firstly entered Indonesia in late 2016 to feature the local curiosity and showing the wholeness of Indonesia. The aim of the artwork is to build awareness of their establishment here in Indonesia. Knowing that VICE’s aim is to reveal the curiosity in each country, We came up with the concept of “Tell Us The Truth” as the main phrase, with the visual approach that was inspired by dadaism style, showcasing their major specialty and contribution as a publication media. Each letter was made arise on a wooden surface, covered with a bunch of controversy issues printed on a piece of fabric. Thus, we designed the poster in such a way to illustrate that VICE Indonesia is going to bring up controversy contents which have been feared to be lifted by media nowadays.

Creative Director : Ernanda Putra

Creative Lead & Graphic Designer :

Timothy Hendrawan 

Installation : Keenan Pearce, Ernanda Putra, 

Timothy Hendrawan, Jordy Yohannes 

Photography : Jordy Yohannes  

Client  : Vice Indonesia

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