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A stream is a series of digital non-conferences hosted by WPP and ran by volunteers. This annual global event is held in October every year and brings together over three hundred people in the creative, media and technology industries. In this project, we mainly created the branding identity and environmental design of the event. Came up with the idea that WPP seminars were about digital and technology, so we made a wall-projected motion installation, so every side of the room had a moving motion to build such a surround audiovisual experiment. The motion is made up of typography exploration of the streaming word itself.

Creative Director : Ernanda Putra

Graphic Designer : Ernanda Putra,

Jordy Yohannes

Photography : Ernanda Putra

Motion Designer : Maika Collective

Project Lead  : Keenan Pearce

Video : Takun Arrosid 

Client  : WPP Stream 

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