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Established in California, Western side of America, Napa Valley to be exact, in 1876. This wine company first approached us with the brief to lift up their Cabernet Sauvignon. Thus, the project focused on content creation. Quite frankly their products came from a vineyard, a beautiful one indeed, that’s what became our main inspiration. We decided to do a typography exploration for this project with a beautiful vineyard as the theme. We used several kinds of flowers with several different colors and also incorporated green grass as the background so it can give the vineyard feels.

Creative Director : Ernanda Putra

Graphic Designer : Ernanda Putra

Photography : Ernanda Putra

Artwork Installation  : Ernanda Putra,

Timothy Hendrawan, Jordy Yohannes

Project Lead  : Ernanda Putra

Client  : Beringer 

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